Residential Property

Whether you’re searching for your first place or you’re looking for more or less space, our homes have been designed with a variety of lifestyles in mind.

We hand pick all of our development locations in order to bring you everything from the finest scenery to exciting city destinations. With a new build, there's no need to worry about the finer details of the area - simply pick your favourite locale and property, secure in the knowledge that we've done the research. When you choose a new build, you're choosing a carefully selected location rather than a traditional neighbourhood.

Our commitment to making our operations carbon positive is something you won't find in any other major house builder. But when you choose a new build, you'll see that our dedication to protecting the environment goes even further than that. Whereas many older homes were not built with the future in mind, we develop our new homes and neighbourhoods to be forward thinking in all aspects.

Our environmental commitment doesn't stop with us; new homes help our valued customers live efficiently too. Using the very latest techniques, we create new homes that meet standards that many older properties simply cannot match. In addition, our neighbourhoods can include solar roofs, and electric car charging points for efficient living.

Beautiful design is of paramount important to us, which is why you'll find that each and every property in our portfolio is built to be truly exquisite both inside and out. Where older or 'second hand' houses may require extensive reworking to bring them to a presentable standard, you can be confident that our new builds are stunning the moment you move in.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Our new homes and neighbourhoods range from refurbished historic buildings, to cutting edge apartments, but they're all built to contemporary standards. That means that they're crafted to the very highest quality both inside and out, and you can be confident that they'll stand the test of time. Unlike an older build, you won't need to think about surprise quality issues.