New Technology - a revolution in wind energy

Up t66% more electricity output as currently possible


High power output at the beginning of power at less than 1.5 m/s wind speed, reacts to every wind gust

Large plants produce electricity only from 4/5 m/s, but in the course of the year weak winds are predominant up to 70-80%

Up to 66% more electricity output, little need for self-propulsion for wing adjustment or for tarnishing

80% of the global land areas are weak wind regions - suitable for the technology

No significant noise, no vibration (therefore no material fatigue)

Wings made of carbon, lighter and thinner, therefore more buoyancy, extremely wear-resistant

Wings are ideal for regions with dust, sand or salt in the air. Edges of the wings can additionally be covered with rubber

As a small wind turbine the connection to the low-voltage network is possible –everywhere

No twisting of the cable strings, electrical system rotates with tower

Small installation height 22.4 m, thus ideal integration into the landscape and high acceptance in the population

Aesthetically due to slim elements and low overall height

No killing of birds and bats - an important source of future acceptance for the population


Solar Power

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